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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pakistan: Airstrikes kill 61 suspected militants; US closes aid deal with Pakistan

The Associated Press By HUSSAIN AFZAL (AP) just before 10:30 EDT Thursday, March 25

PARACHINAR, Pakistan — Pakistani military airstrikes killed 61 suspected militants in an area near the Afghan border Thursday, including dozens at a seminary where Taliban commanders were believed to be meeting, officials said.

And minutes before the AP story posted ...

Pakistan says it is satisfied with U.S. pledges on aid delivery

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Collin said...

Blog keeper's note: yesterday, after this post, which was put up about 11:20 EDT, I learned what happens when you enter 'bad code' into your blog. The photos and items on the right column weren't visible and there was no way to understand the context of the second story, "Pakistan says it is satisfied with U.S. Pledges on aid delivery" (the link to the Washington Post story failed to appear). Apologies to anyone who took the opportunity to be confused. I will light up the page with commentary on yesterday's events as soon as we've all had a chance to look at what actually happened between the Pakistani military attack that killed nothing but militants and the U.S. State Department agreement with Pakistan that hit the wires within an hour of the attack story's posting.