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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

U.S. Secret Afghan Prisons and Accompanying JSOC Night Raids

From Democracynow.org Feb. 2, 2010

A new investigation by journalist Anand Gopal reveals harrowing details about US secret prisons in Afghanistan, under both the Bush and Obama administrations. Gopal interviewed Afghans who were detained and abused at several disclosed and undisclosed sites at US and Afghan military bases across the country. He also reveals the existence of another secret prison on Bagram Air Base that even the Red Cross does not have access to. It is dubbed the Black Jail and is reportedly run by US Special Forces.


**Similar to night raids in Iraqi homes, Anand Gopal's descriptions of these U.S. military Joint Special Ops Command (JSOC) raids sound similar to terror tactics employed in Central America which appear in the transcripts of the Iran-Contra hearings. The psychological operations (psyops) techniques described in this report violate U.S. Military Counterinsurgency Manual descriptions of limitations and legal techniques.**

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