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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Case for the Impeachment of Barack Obama (and his CIA drones, too)

In 2006, Dave Lindorff wrote a book about the impeachable crimes of the previous administration. As it turns out on down the line, the new crew is in the same boat when it comes to obeying the law. Maybe Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary definition of impeachment would have been, "When members of your own political party and peer group decide, regarding one particular set of circumstances, that as head of state you ought to obey the law."

From Aletho News April 2 ...

Same Crimes, Same Misdemeanors

Oh, and guess which violation Lindorff starts off with? Guess, guess! You guessed it, the CIA armed unmanned drone attacks and all the civilians they've killed in a nation state where what's called "war" ... has yet to be "declared."

excerpt ... [Sadly, it is time to say, just 14 months into the current term of this new president, that yes, this president, and some of his subordinates, are also guilty of impeachable crimes–including many of the same ones committed by Bush and Cheney.

Let’s start with the war in Afghanistan, which Obama has taken full ownership of with an escalation that will bring the number of US troops in that country (not counting mercenaries hired by the Pentagon and CIA) to 100,000 by this August.

The president has authorized the use of Predator drone aircraft for a program of bombing conducted against Pakistan which has illegally expanded the Afghan War into another country without any authorization from Congress. These pilotless drones are known to kill far more innocent bystanders than enemy targets, making them fundamentally illegal on principle as weapons. Furthermore, this wave of attacks in Pakistan is a war of aggression against another nation if the word “war” is to have any meaning at all, and as such it is illegal under the UN Charter. Indeed initiating a war of aggression against a country which does not pose an immediate threat to the invader is described in the Charter and in the Nuremberg Tribunal Charter as the gravest of all war crimes.]

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