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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Global War on Tribes

This April 13 Counterpunch article addresses a set of issues that has concerned me greatly while following news and analysis of U.S. military and diplomatic involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Something Modernism never fails to do in all its conquests, whether its inoculating against pernicious illnesses, exploring the moon, achieving feats of engineering and architecture or finding a way to dispose of hazardous waste, is to crown itself over all ways of life that appear misaligned in any way with Modernism. Centuries later, the savages are still just that, not because citizens of empire fail to understand other cultures but rather because of the failure of the savage to understand and wholeheartedly embrace the culture of empire. Anywhere I have placed in quotation marks the term 'tribal areas,' Professor Zoltan Grossman explains in detail what my hesitation was in each instance.

The Global War on Tribes

Dr. Zoltan Grossman is a faculty member in Geography and Native American & World Indigenous Peoples Studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, currently co-teaching a course on “American Frontiers: Homelands and Empire.”

Once again, the tip for this article has come from Aletho News. The site that, to my thinking, has everything.

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