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Monday, May 3, 2010

CS Monitor: how credible are Pakistani Taliban claims to NY bomb attempt

Christain Science Monitor story May 3 by Ben Arnoldy ...

From the evidence available so far, it's going to be difficult to determine what to make of the van filled with explosives parked in Times Square Saturday.

Attorney General Eric Holder's press conference maintains the suspect is a white male in his forties. A van filled with propane tanks, gas canisters and some crude timers to trigger an explosion fit well within what an average person would term an act of terrorism, but it's a little hasty to jump to any conclusions about what the perpetrator's grievance is. Are there not a lot of things in the United States about which one might get angry about in this political atmosphere? Could be almost anything.

The Christain Science Monitor reports on the claim by the Pakistani Taliban to the attempted bombing, "The Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have posted two videos since the attack, according to US-based monitoring groups. In one, a Taliban spokesman claims the New York attack. In the second, alleged to have been filmed on April 4, TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud promises attacks inside the United States within a month. The US and Pakistan had believed Mr. Mehsud died in a drone attack back in January."

Arnoldy also reports, "The videos do not convince experts of the Taliban's ability to strike inside America."

To a reasonable person, this investigation and developing story are going to get really weird before they begin to become clear in terms of the intent of those who actually participated in this attempted disaster.

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