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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kucinich, Congress, drone attacks and new enemies for the U.S.

This is another story I missed that came on a tip from radioactivegavin

"Obama ordered drone attacks on Pakistan ‘inspiring anti-American fanaticism’: Congressman"

Sahil Kapur writing for Asian News International April 24

Excerpt— US military leaders say the approach has purged scores of militants, including high-level Al-Qaeda operatives.

But it has also killed hundreds of innocent civilians; sparking new anger in a nation that has long been a key US ally.

Kucinich argues that the strikes are, as a result, counterproductive.

“Just as an occupation fuels an insurgency, these drones build feelings and resistance against the United States and help gain support for those elements who wish to do America harm,” he said, describing Pakistan’s cooperation as critical to halting nuclear proliferation and quelling the growth of radical Islamic factions.

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