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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who is Faisal Shahzad?

NY bomb suspect probed for links abroad

(Additional reporting by Daniel Trotta in New York; Jeremy Pelofsky, Jeff Mason, JoAnne Allen and Jim Vicini in Washington; and William Maclean in London; Editing by Chris Wilson)

Investigators questioned the suspected Times Square bomber hoping to uncover links he might have had to foreign militant groups and U.S. media said he could appear in a New York court on Wednesday.

Just one thing to note here: this comment defies conventional wisdom—

Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Shahzad's family "are on our radar."

"He is not from a radical or illiterate family. He is from an educated family. We are looking into how he got radicalized," he told Reuters.

... Osama Bin Laden's family is among the wealthiest and most influential in Saudi Arabia. He attended King Abdulaziz University. His father Muhammed Awad bin Laden was a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Saudi royal family.

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